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Distilled Water

What is Distilled Water?

Ditilled water is water that has been boiled to steam and then condensed back into water leaving the impurities in the bottom of the distiller.

The medical liars will tell you NOT to drink Distilled Water, they will warn you that it is acidic and will leach minerals out of the body and then start talking about Osteo-perosis, Brittle-Bone Syndrome etc. leaving you with the impression that drinking this dangerous water will pull all the calcium out of your bones and they will begin crumbling, sounds reasonable, they use distilled water in car batteries don't they? Why on earth would anybody want to drink that?

Well first of all, the word "Distilled" gives it a clinical almost industrial feel to it, so let's use another word to describe it... "Pure", yes, distilled water is pure water, with no dirt, chemicals or industrial waste added, does it not start to sound ridiculous if someone were to say that drinking pure water is dangerous?

Distilled Water does indeed leach minerals from the body but we are being fooled by an intentional half-truth, what the medical mafia fail to mention is that minerals come in two varieties, Organic and Inorganic, Our bodies are made up of organic minerals, living minerals, however, the minerals found in Spring Water, Tap Water and Mineral Water and even mineral supplements are of the inorganic type, essentially rock and dirt. For proof, go and get yourself some Corn Flakes that boast that they are fortified with iron, take out a large flake and float it in the middle of a bowl of water, and then using a strong magnet, start pulling the flake around with it... It's fortified with iron alright, inorganic iron filings.

Why use Distilled Water?

Your body cannot metabolise these inorganic forms and since they possess an opposite electrical charge to that of your body, the mineral particles are attracted to and lodge themselves in various organs in the body, just like the limescale fur that clogs your kettle your body begins to fur up or calcify.   When it collects in your joints the white coats call that a "disease" named Arthritis, when it accumulates in your eyes they make up another fancy name and call it cataracts or glaucoma, when it clogs up your arteries? ah well that's Heart Disease or Strokes of course, in the kidneys its kidney stones, in the gall bladder, gall stones etc. etc.etc.

Distilled or Pure Water has the same electrical charge as the body so it does not touch the organic minerals (opposites repel) but it dissolves and vacuums up all the inorganic minerals and washes them out of the body, just like how you can use distilled water in a steam iron or kettle to remove the limescale.

So you can see that a taboo has been placed around the use of Distilled Water simply to perpetuate these lucrative diseases and sell more pharmaceutical poisons and as trustworthy as you might think your doctor is, he simply has not been taught these thing and his books will not mention the therapies because they were published by those who are profitting from the ignorance of them.

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Oxygenated Water

Another supplementary therapy that can be combined with the distilled water is Hydrogen Peroxide.   Many might be horrified by the idea of drinking Hydrogen Peroxide, after all isn't that hair bleach??   Not exactly, the bleaching agent for hair does contain a solution of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide along with several caustic chemicals, the Hydrogen Peroxide used in this case is 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and while it might sound a little scary, Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is actually Water (H2O) with one extra Oxygen atom, such that one pint of Hydrogen Peroxide contains 9 pints of Oxygen.

Oxygen is very beneficial to the body as viruses and so-called bad bacteria cannot survive in an oxygenated body, and a Hydrogen Peroxide protocol will oxygenate the body to the point where not even cancer cannot survive within the body.

The protocol is fairly straight forward, three drops are added to your glasses of distilled water on the first day and the dose is increased each day until a maintenance dose is achieved.

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The Healing Crisis

A few weeks after you begin drinking Distilled Water, you will undoubtedly experience what are known as "Detox Symptoms" or a "Healing Crisis". You may experience weakness, tiredness, headaches or one of your ailments might seem to flare up and get worse, but don't worry, these are a sign that your body is dumping toxins and those toxins have to come out of you somehow and they tend to find the path of least resistance, which is often some issue or illness you are already dealing with.   Again, don't worry, continue with the urine therapy and tough out the healing crisis, it should last for 3 days to a week but after the toxins leave, the healing can begin.   You energy levels will increase and your weight may naturally decline within the first month as the toxins leave you.

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