Giving the Great Shift a Little Nudge

Belief Adjustment

What is Belief Adjustment?

All so-called diseases originate in the mind as a thought pattern that causes a specific mix of chemicals to be released into the body which we experience as emotions, these chemicals prepare the body to deal with the consequences of the emotion, but they also suppress vital functions (allowing opportunistic viruses and bacteria to proliferate unchecked) and even cause damage over prolonged periods, this is what the white coated poisoners call disease.

Belief Adjustment is the process of teaching your body respond to a different set of thought patterns to those that it is used to encoutering.   The thought patterns that lead to a disease or ailment often begins with an event or incident in childhood, which can range from a careless remark or joke, all the way up to physical or sexual abuse, and traumatises a child and starts a program to protect that child and runs throughout that person's entire life; And while the event itself may have been forgotton or blocked out, the feelings and triggers remain.

That voice you hear inside you chattering in the background may sound like you, but it's not, it is a program created by a child that is still trying to protect you as a child and using an illness or disease to do it.

This is a process of replacing that child's voice with your adult voice, the voice of an adult that can easily cope with what the child could not.

Why Alter One's Beliefs?

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Making the Adjustment

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Adjusting your World

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