Giving the Great Shift a Little Nudge


What is Fasting?

Fasting is the process of limiting one's food intake to either a very restricted range of foods or to nothing at all for a specified period of time.

Typically, however, the fast would include a liquid such as water, distilled water, freshly squeezed juice or even urine but then such fasts are known as a Water Fast, Juice Fast and a Urine Fast respectively.   A Dry Fast entails not eating or drinking anything for the period of the fast.

Why Fast?

There are so many people out there pushing false doctrines (and there's usually a range of products or diet plans that they are selling to go with it) I had been searching for a way of healing myself for about 15 years and once I found urine therapy I switch my research to finding out why it worked, and the answer is simple, amazing and bloody obvious.

The human body is not a faulty machine, it is an infinitely intelligent community of trillions of intelligent conscious beings working together to make you and its only job is to keep itself working as perfectly as it can in these toxic conditions that we are forced to inhabit... It doesn't eat itself, or burn itself, all it ever does is adjust itself to do the best it can under the circumstances that change from moment to moment.

The moment that you start fasting the body seizes on the extra energy that's available (it takes up to 80% of your body's energy to digest (get rid of) the food you eat) and uses it to perform repair and maintenance work, so it uses the energy to manufacture enzymes, minerals, vitamins, proteins etc. to aid that process, the excess of these things find their way into the bladder.   If you are eating normally that energy is not available so there is rarely an excess of these substances.

As you continue to fast and these emergency repairs are complete, the urine returns to its normally sparkling consistency (however circumstances change from moment to moment and so to does the balance of substances in the bloodstream)

Beware of all these made up words and bodily processes invented by the medical establishment, they are designed to make your mind work against your body.

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Urine Fasting

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What to Expect on a Fast

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Common Concerns While Fasting

Starvation is indeed a valid fear, but that is all it actually is, a fear... Anorexia is a disease of the mind, and our minds have complete (if subconscious) control over every aspect of our bodies, but those minds can also be programmed (a clever hypnotist just by using words can override your senses, stop physiological responses so that you think you're eating an apple when you are really eating an onion)

Peoples bodies are all different, but they all work in the same way, they might choose different paths and take different amounts of time to do the job, but they use the same processes.   Some people get moody, anxious and irritable if they don't eat by a certain time but it's not because their body actually lacks something its because it is habituated to getting food on time;   They are quite literally withdrawal symptoms.

None of the fasts, that I advocate, are dry fasts, each includes drinking distilled water and most importantly urine.
The urine contains ALL the substances that food would normally stimulate the body to produce, so when it is consumed, the body now no longer requires the food to kick off production so the signals that urge one to eat are greatly reduced.   Consequently, the only thing one will lose on a Water/Urine fast is excess fat, and this is NOT because, as the medical liars tell you, the body is in emergency mode and is burning fat as fuel, No, the body is not so badly designed that it consumes itself when the going gets tough, the water and urine are helping the body to detox, and the toxins are stored in fat deposits, created to seal the toxins off from the rest of the body to protect it, and when the toxins are gone the fat is no longer needed and so disintegrates.

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The Healing Crisis

A few weeks after you begin fasting, you will undoubtedly experience what are known as "Detox Symptoms" or a "Healing Crisis". You may experience weakness, tiredness, headaches or one of your ailments might seem to flare up and get worse, but don't worry, these are a sign that your body is dumping toxins and those toxins have to come out of you somehow and they tend to find the path of least resistance, which is often some issue or illness you are already dealing with.   Again, don't worry, continue with the fast and tough out the healing crisis, it should last for 3 days to a week but after the toxins leave, the healing can begin.   You energy levels will increase and your weight may naturally decline if you are performing a fast over an extended time period.

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