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Shameless Advertising: Buy my Book!

By Dave Murphy Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017
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A merry 4th Quarter sales and marketing opportunity and a prosperous new fiscal year to you all!

With the season of pagan/satannic rituals, masquarading as a Christian holy day, fast approaching, the temptation will be to spend one's hard earned credit notes on the latest electronic time wasting, de-humanising device to bathe your loved ones in the warm glow of its ionising microwave radiation while they focus their whole attention on it to the exclusion of everyone and everything else going on around them.
You already know it is specifically designed to stop working the day after the warranty expires and be rendered obsolete long before that anyway when the new version comes out with all the features that should have been in the old version.

Instead of buying your nearest and dearest Apple's new Polished Turd 6S (Far superior to the iTurd 5 with a smoother squishier design and better odour resolution)

why not get the present that says "You have no fucking idea how to live your life, so here's the manual!"... No, wait that came out wrong... give them a present that says "I love you and I want you to see life in a better light and save yourself from the clutches of the murderous healthcare (or rather deathcare) system"

My new book, The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual is an invaluable guide to viewing the human body, life, the universe and everything from a radically different yet empowering perspective.

Ever wondered why the more you go to the doctors, the sicker you eventually get? Or why it is that despite the great advances in medical technology, more and more people can now expect to get cancer or diabetes, parkinsons disease or atlzheimers in their lifetime? What do Beavers arses have to do with ice cream? Why do so many things that the scientific and medical establishment tell us simply do not make sense?

This book answers these questions and many more, it exposes the commonly held myths of medicine, nutrition and disease, revealing them to be merely theories, driven by profit margins rather than patient wellbeing. The reader will learn to listen to the body's messages, respond correctly to its warnings with actions that allow the body to heal itself. Equipped with this book, the reader will learn the skills necessary to maintain the human body in excellent condition far beyond its expected lifetime.

The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual also provides handy reference guides to deal with a whole range of so-called "symptoms of disease" as well as testimonials from real, contactable people (including the author) who have experienced the benefits of this approach.

So when Satan Santa comes down the chimney make sure he has a gift wrapped copy of "The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual".