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"Umbrapenumbra" - Now, That's Magic!

By Dave Murphy Wednesday, Aug 9, 2017
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I must admit to getting a tad ticked off at the increasing levels of absurdity that NASA and its fanboys expect us to swallow whole without question like a Double McBabyBurger in a foam rubber bun with a slice of congealed cow pus, limp lettuce and special chemical sauce.

They draw pretty pictures or beautiful CGI animations that look nice and appears to provide explanations, never mind that they fail to conform to any known observable phenomena and contradict other areas of their own model, we are expected to suspend disbelief and accept their magic show. But then the scientific priesthood is no stranger to physical laws that magically change their properties as and when scientists need them to, hence you have Gravity which simultaneously attracts, repels, warps space, alters time and presumably with the right coaxing will probably tap dance for you too.

And now with this upcoming eclipse the science gurus are at it again, NASA shows us a Moon, 2160 miles in diameter, they say the magic word:


and 'voila', you have a 70 mile wide shadow, never mind that its impossible for an object to cast a shadow smaller than itself, they will pat you on the head and give you a drawing showing how their Umbra/Penumbra trick is done while making 18.4 billion dollars disappear out of your wallet when your back is turned...  Now that's magic!

MrThriveAndSurvive tears NASA a new one with infallable logic.

But wait a minute, if the sun is 93,000,000 miles away from the Earth shouldn't the light from it be almost perfectly parallel?   In fact, doesn't Eratosthenes calculation of the Earth's circumference depend on the light from the sun being parallel? When we point out that the sunlight actually comes down at diverging angles, doesn't the scientific community go to great pains to tell us that the light is actually parallel and its just perspective or refraction or light filtering through different layers of cloud or gravity bending the light?

There's a hole in your Cosmology Dear NASA, Dear NASA...

So if the sun's light behaves in this manner converging at a focal point outside the moon's orbit and then diverging from that point (presumably whether the moon is there or not) how could Eratosthenes' calculation of the earth's circumference be correct?

This also begs the question, what is it that is causing the sun's light to converge to a focal point just outside the moon's orbit? Did those sneaky Russians put up a Giant Space Lens?

The Giant Space Lens - The only way that light could behave as NASA claims.

Time to go home NASA, you're drunk.