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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Manufacture of Consent

By Dave Murphy Thursday, Aug 10, 2017
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One of the fundamental rules of this universe appears to be whatever you put out into the world comes back to you multiplied, so if you intend to do some evil to another it will go extremely badly for you in the long run when that very evil rebounds upon you.

The true evil doers in this world however, have learned how to perpetrate truly unspeakable acts of wickedness upon the people of the world but sidestep this rule and escape the effects of karma.

In certain states of America, it is legal to unwittingly enter into an agreement over the phone and form a legally enforceable verbal contract.

Consequently many Telemarketing companies have based their operations in these states.   In 1998 a telemarketer called my then wife and told her about a marvellous free offer, she was eligible to receive a selection of our favourite magazines, there was a subscription to pay but with clever wordplay it was made to sound as if it was optional, but never mind that, we could have all of our favourite magazines free for a year and the conversation ended with "Would you like to receive these magazines?"
When she said "Yes", she not only accepted the offer of free magazines but she also consented to the subscription charges that were mentioned once and swept over by glitzy and attractive offers, and at that moment we were locked into a verbal contract which we could not extricate ourselves from because she had agreed to it.
We first realised that we had been scammed when we noticed a tiny charge on a credit card that had slowly become larger and larger, unfortunately not only was it was very very difficult to have it removed but the company could not be held accountable because at the end of the day WE CONSENTED TO IT!

So the trick is to bury the true evil intent under a mountain of attractive niceties so that when we accept the good, we automatically consent to the evil, and once accepted the perpetrator is absolved of responsibility and free to continue to the utter limits of our consent.

In 1968 the Disney Corporation insinuated a strange, supposedly family friendly film into the public consciousness called "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". As with many films produced by Disney, the story was all nice, fluffy and sugar coated with cutesy songs and dance routines but in the midst of jollity appeared the rather dark and disturbing character of the Child Catcher, a sinister figure employed by the local royalty (Baron and Baroness Bomburst) to lure and capture children and imprison children he finds on the streets of Vulgaria. (Hmmmm, why would royalty want to capture the children of those it considers vulgar?)

Commonly Known as Dom plays the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, innocent Disney fun for the whole family.

Interestingly, the character did not actually appear in the original book by Ian Fleming (Hmmm isn't that the same Ian Fleming who produced the occult work about the satanist alchemist John Dee with his 007 character??) so, the Child Catcher and the whole sub-plot of the abduction of the two blond haired, blue eyed children was made up especially for the film.

I would suggest that this film was not produced for the benefit of our entertainment but as an offer, a request for our consent for the stealing of our children. If, like most people who watched it, you walked away from that film feeling all warm and fuzzy or just enjoyed the two hours of escapism then not only did you accept the cuteness but you also consented to child stealing by the state.

Now I know that this idea will seem incredible but imagine if this concept were introduced in a non-fictional format, there would be an immediate outcry, ie. non consent, and so the planned agenda would be halted for fear of the ensuing karmic reaction, however, if it is dressed up in pretty cartoon-like terms, by Disney who are masters at such subterfuge, then the general public will unwittingly acquiesce to their plans and so the karma is redirected away.

Since this film was released on both sides of the Atlantic it would appear to me that the incidence of child stealing by Child Protective Services and Social Services have increased exponentially ever since, to the point where now, with our consent, parents can have children snatched from them and forced into adoption without having committed any crime but on the basis that children "might" be at risk of emotional abuse in the future, and parents who have lost children to the state are gagged from talking to anyone about it...

No point in complaining, you agreed to it.

The situation is not hopeless however, the author Gregg Braden says of the human group consciousness, that whenever the square root of 1% of a population has a idea then it will be propagated to the remainder of the population according to the 100th Monkey Effect.

There have been several aspects of the agenda that have been halted including the swine flu vaccine scam in 2009, but the big one as far as I am concerned was avoided several years later.

The stage was set for a false flag, mass sacrifice event to occur in London at the Olympic Games in 2012, there was predictive programming aplenty begging for our consent to it.   The BBC aired a special series called Spooks Code 9 in August 2008, which featured a nuclear attack on the Olympic Stadium where 100,000 people were killed.

London destroyed in Spooks Code 9

In the same year an episode of Doctor Who titled "Turn Left" showed London decimated by a nuclear explosion from a space fairing replica of the Titanic crashing into Buckingham Palace.

London destroyed in Doctor Who

It was interesting that the writers of Doctor Who chose to use a replica of the Titanic as the instrument of destruction because the Titannic also made a reappearance on the run-up to the Olympics.   2012 was the 100th anniversary of the false flag event and in 2010 a Titanic exhibition opened in London and in 2012 the World's largest Titanic attraction opened in Belfast, also in that year a mini-series called Titanic aired on ITV and James Cameron re-released the 1997 movie.   The real name of the ship that sank after having struck an iceberg was the Olympic.

The Daily Mail also published a short story by someone calling themselves Tom Cain about nuclear bombs going off at the Olympic Stadium and Trafalgar Square.

Unfortunately for the cabal, there were amazing researchers such as Rik Clay who laid bare all the symbology and the decades of meticulous planning for this event which I believe ultimately cost him his life.

Rik Clay - The complete 4 hour interview - Zion 2012 Olympics
So many people in the truth community were focused on exposing this event that it appears to me that the magic number of the square root of 1% became aware of it and resulted in people staying away in droves, there were stories of olympic workers being paid to sit in the stadiums so that it didn't look so empty on television and hundreds of thousands of unsold tickets given away.

Consequently no event occurred at the 2012 Olympics and while the nay-saying muggles point to the dire warnings of the truthers as nothing more than delusional fantasy, I see it as a prime example of the power that we all have to shape the world around us.
They not only need our consent to perpetrate their foul deeds but they also need our collective creative power to bring their plans into reality.

We can either use our power to unwittingly participate in their staged events of terror and destruction or consciously withhold our consent, the square root of 1% of the UK population is less that 850 people so one person can make a difference.