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The Biggest Lie of All

By Dave Murphy Saturday, Aug 5, 2017
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Life is very much like ‘The Truman Show’, in many more ways than one it seems.   In the 1998 film, Truman, was aware of all sorts of things that did not actually exist in within his enclosed subset of the wider world.
Such things only existed on the edge of his consciousness, but they would manifest into reality only if he took an interest in one of them, at which point the director had to ensure that whatever it is, it is brought into the dome and made ‘real’ so that Truman can experience it.

And so it was that I found myself where even Conspiracy Theorists fear to tread.

In the summer of 2014, I clicked on a video that was apparently related to the material I was researching.  It spoke of esoteric experiments involving water filled telescopes that I didn"t quite understand but supposedly proved the Earth was not rotating and that"s when I realised that I had inadvertently wandered into the domain of those sad basket cases who think the Earth is flat.   My mind instantly snapped back into ‘sheeple’ mode and I reached for the mouse while chuckling to myself about how foolish people can be allowing themselves to be drawn into such idiotic notions.   But then the video started to explain the Bedford Levels experiment and I was immediately drawn into what was a very plausible sounding notion.

The Bedford Levels is a canal in Cambridgeshire England which has a perfectly straight and uninterrupted 6 miles stretch, and it is where in 1865, Samuel Rowbotham performed an experiment to prove the Earth does not have a curvature.   Rowbotham placed a telescope 8 inches above the water at one end of the canal and had a friend row a boat with a flag on the back all the way to the other end six miles away, and he was able to see the whole boat and the flag along the entire length of the journey even though the boat should have disappeared 16 feet below the horizon if the Earth were a globe.

The debunkers claimed it was only a mirage, but a mirage requires very specific atmospheric conditions to occur and cannot account for the fact that Rowbotham was able to see the boat and the flag along the entire distance.   A later, more sophisticated challenge claimed that the powerful gravity near the Earth"s surface causes light to bend allowing the boat to be viewed over the horizon, but then how can they also claim that an object can be seen to sink below the horizon, if light always bends to allow you to continue to see it?

I was instantly intrigued.

I researched the experiment, downloaded Rowbotham"s book ‘Earth Not a Globe’ and performed my own experiments which concurred with Rowbotham"s. (This is easy to do, find a landmark that lies a known distance across a stretch of sea and look at it through binoculars.
Spherical trigonometry might sound daunting but if the Earth were a ball it would curve down 8 inches multiplied by the square of the distance in miles above the first mile, so an object 6 miles away would be 8 (inches) x 5 (miles) squared = 8 x 25 = 200 inches = 16.6 feet below your horizon)

My whole worldview that had been predicated upon a spherical planet, spinning, orbiting and hurtling through an infinite void, had suddenly collapsed, everything now was called into question, I suddenly had an explanation why it that I could see a horizon at my eye level whenever I looked out of a airplane at 35,000 feet when the horizon on a ball Earth would have to appear below me, and how it was that I could stand on a beach with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and not detect the merest hint of a curvature; the answer was simple and obvious...

There is no curvature!

An idea on the edge of my consciousness that had been previously reserved for the feeble minded and the credulous had now been made real for me by the cosmic director, and he said to me:

‘The Earth, my dear Truman, is not a globe!’

Just like the moment when I realised the truth behind 9/11 and many other such moments since, this one realisation sparked off months of feverish research, in an effort to examine and test everything that I had ever been taught about the Earth.

I began searching for pictures of the Earth from space and found that there was only one picture that is actually claimed to be a photograph of Earth from space, supposedly taken from Apollo 17 on the way to the moon, all the others are composites, computer generated imagery or photo-realistic paintings. Very strange, considering the seven Apollo missions, the countless other space and shuttle missions, space stations, space telescopes and 50,000 satellites, all that and none of them have taken pictures of the Earth?

The real ‘red flag’ however, is that all of the supposed pictures of (including the one ‘real’ photograph) have problems.   As an artist who has painted countless landscapes, I know that when you look at distant objects their colours are ‘washed out’ due to the effect of the atmosphere, distant mountains several miles away lose their contrast and their colours fade and take on a blueish hue.   How is it then that the colours of the sea and continents portrayed in these ‘photographs’ are so vivid and striking if they are photographed through a hundred miles or so of atmosphere?   Why is it that the continents themselves match a distorted map projection that was invented as a navigational aid rather than a true representation of the continents?

If the photographs are questionable then the source of the photographs must also be suspect.

Not many thinking people still believe that man landed on the moon in 1969, it seems obvious that NASA hoaxed the moon landings for propaganda purposes, however when any of NASA"s space missions are scrutinised, signs of fakery are revealed.   Weightlessness seems to be faked with Zero-G aircraft, harnesses and CGI.
Bubbles that appear during space walks indicate that they are performed in very large water tanks (in 2013, an astro-not, nearly drowned during a ‘space’ walk when a gallon of water leaked into his helmet and subsequently, snorkels were fitted to the space suits to prevent drowning).   It is also doubtful that anyone goes up on the space shuttle.

In 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 74 seconds after liftoff, supposedly killing the whole crew, but in a Capricorn One-esque twist, six of the seven crew members have been found to be alive and well, either still using their real names or claiming to be an identical twin.

NASA cannot be trusted!

I next examined the idea that the Earth is revolving at just over 1000mph.   My intuitive senses have always told me that the Earth beneath my feet is stationary, so why do I believe otherwise?   Well, I"ve been told from childhood that we live on a spinning globe and everywhere I look there are representations of spinning globes but what actual evidence is there?   The scientific priesthood point to the motion of the sun and stars as proof, but after watching videos by Eric Dubay and others, I can just as easily see the sun's motion as circling above the flat plane of Earth a few thousand miles away, obeying the law of perspective and only appearing to rise and set as it moves toward and then away from us.

At first sight, the motion of the stars would seem to confirm the Earth's rotation.   If a camera is setup to take a long exposure of the northern sky, the resulting pattern of star trails does indeed show a circular motion indicating that something is moving, but is it the Earth?

If the Earth is rotating then it also must be orbiting the sun at 67,000 mph, and being dragged along with the rest of the solar system at between 400,000 - 600,000 mph, so why don"t we see these much faster motions in the star trail patterns?

The simplest answer is that it is star field that is moving, not the Earth.

The Flat Earth model renders the Earth as flat circular plane, like a dinner plate, with the North Pole in the centre and the continents arranged around it.   This projection is known as the Azimuthal Equidistant map and is curiously used as the logo on the United Nation"s flag.

Around the perimeter is a wall of ice that we call Antarctica, it is not a southern pole but a circular continent which forms an effective barrier containing the oceans and preventing us from approaching the edge.

Antarctica is the key to determining the truth of our world which is why the United Nations prevent anyone from going there, yes you can take package tours to the outer islands and watch penguins all day, but the military is on hand should you wander out of the tourist"s play pen.   If the nature and form of the Earth is as they have taught us then why are there restrictions and secrecy when we approach anything that might prove otherwise?   Why is Antarctica off limits?   Why do we never see a 360 degree panning shot of space?   Why is GPS switched off for all flights in the ‘southern hemisphere?’

There is so much to learn about this Earth, ourselves and our reality, but we have been misdirected away from the endeavour and the joy of discovery by the duties and obligations imposed upon us by an artificial system which occupies our time, saps our energy and focuses our attention on artificial concerns and manufactured worries, stresses and strains.   And so, as Christof, the director of the Truman Show put it:

‘We accept the reality of the world with which we"re presented; it"s as simple as that.’

We defer to education, science and experts who provide us with the picture of reality which only serves as an unimportant backdrop to the true reality of work, mortgages and car payments.   But the moment that we begin to investigate for ourselves, we discover that the perception woven by these entities is an illusion propped up by subliminal media tricks and repetition, a house of cards that is easily collapsed by close scrutiny and an open mind.

The big question is why?   Why would anyone go to such lengths to make us believe the spherical Earth model?

As a formerly rabid atheist, I have deliberately left the Creator to the end as I know how difficult it was for me to understand and accept the existence of an intentional creator.   The globe Earth construct is a tool that is used in conjunction with other preposterous constructs known as the 'Big Bang Theory' and the ‘Theory of Evolution’ in order to hide the existence of an intentional creator and compel us to believe that we are merely tiny microbes that accidentally evolved from slime, clinging to a speck of dust in an infinite and purposeless universe that sprang out of nothingness billions of years ago.

We are cast as soldiers (soul-diers) in a war between the Most High Creator and the adversary, and the stakes are the continued survival or extermination of the human race.   The whole of human history has been about these combatants on the spiritual plane, moving the righteous and the wicked like chess pieces.   Those who have been promised wealth and power have spent most of recorded history rampaging across the Earth, destroying knowledge of who we are and why we are here, systematically erasing and replacing ancient wisdom with a fictitious holy book (the so-called New Testament) and absurd scientismic constructs, carefully crafting the illusion of infinite space and alien life, and setting the stage for a final grand deception.   The adversary"s elite servants believe that once they have achieved their goal of exterminating 90% of the population, everlasting life and god-like powers will be bestowed upon them, but they too are being deceived, and will be discarded when the adversary has no further use for them.

Mankind was given a truthful record of the words, deeds and prophesies of the Most High, but you won't find it in the highly edited and corrupted books of the religious brands created by the servants of the adversary.   Seekers of the truth will find the books of the Book of Remembrance (the so-called Old Testament) and the Apocrypha from the King James 1611 Bible, the books of Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees from the dead sea scrolls and other books, such as the Testament of Solomon that combine to give a complete picture, absolutely relevant to the issues that we face in the world today.

My personal journey of discovery has revealed to me the perfection of the human body (and the intentional attempts to corrupt it and keep it weak, sickly and short-lived), the absurdity of the Theory of Evolution and the nature of the artificial constructs such as money, governments, corporations and the legal system that keep us locked in a world of greed, scarcity, competition, commercialism and materialism, and away from the Most High and our true purpose.

As Kent Hovind once said:

‘Either God exists or he doesn"t, both possibilities are terrifying. If he doesn"t exist then we are hurtling through a godless, purposeless universe and nobody is in control, but if he does exist then we"d better find out who he is, what he wants and do whatever it is he says.’
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