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Ricky Gervais and the Dark Agenda of Comedy

By Dave Murphy Friday, Aug 4, 2017
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There is a satanic agenda at work in the world today. It has been patiently nudging society toward its vision for many years however it has stepped up its ruthless campaign over the last 50 years.

This agenda has many goals, among them is the total destruction of the family, the sexualisation of children and the destruction of morality so that the obscene and unthinkable become acceptable and commonplace, most notably incest, homosexuality and paedophilia all of which serve to further destroy the family.

How is this being accomplished?

The chief method that is employed is desensitisation, the mass media relentlessly pushes the topics of homosexuality, paedophilia and the sexualisation of children either overtly or using subtle subliminal means.

I attended Ricky Gervais‘ One man show entitled "Science". This title was a total misnomer as it should really have been entitled ‘Homosexuality and Paedophilia are Fun...ny‘

One so-called ‘joke‘ revolved around a father forcing his young son to perform oral sex on a male visitor against the boy‘s wishes but then his son taking a liking to it.

Another example used a mildly amusing, fairly innocuous joke to act as a trojan horse to carry a more sinister message. The carrier joke is an old one where he told an innocent joke to his peers at a party, followed by a very rude joke but then is asked by the host to "tell that joke" to an older, more reserved group, that apparently included the host‘s parents. Whereupon Gervais tells the rude story only to have the host say "No! Not that one!"

Now, bearing in mind that any innappropriate joke would have worked in this context and that the basis of what we find funny is how well the storyteller can lead us along a path where we think we can predict the ending but then switching the outcome to something unexpected... You can see that there are endless possibilities for an inappropriate story that could be told to an older straight-laced audience in order to make the carrier joke amusing.

So what joke did Gervais choose to tell?   Well, he told the story of a little girl telling her father about a man who approached her in the park, Gervais convincingly acts out the part of the father, filled with fear and dread asking her to continue, she describes how the man took her to a secluded area, Gervais, in character, nervously prompts her to continue, but she then reveals that nothing else happened, whereupon Gervais, again acting out the part of the father, pulls a frustrated expression, pretends to masturbate and angrily says "Well make something up!"   Of course many people laughed, but I didn‘t. And I could hear a lot of uneasy laughter of those not wanting to look like they weren‘t part of the crowd and enjoying the ‘entertainment‘.

There was a very poigniant moment that many might have missed during the show was when a very perceptive heckler yelled out "You‘re shit!" and for a few moments Gervais was stunned, from my vantage point in the front row, not ten feet away from him, I could see his eyes and the expression on his face in that instant; he knew this material was excrement and could say nothing to defend it.   Of course moments later he recovered and fell back on an old, well worn response to hecklers, but that moment was very telling.

To my eternal shame, I embodied the fear of deviating from the norm, of standing up and removing my consent to being socially engineered in this way; From where I was on the front row, I had an opportunity to make a stand against this, I could have got up and said, "You are shit, Gervais" and walked out and perhaps a few hundred of those who were laughing nervously behind me would have done so too, followed by more who would have seen that the emperor had no clothes on if Gervais had carried on peddling his filth.   And that is our problem, our fear and our apathy.


In this Satanic Social Engineering, humour itself is being employed as a Trojan Horse to sneak these ideas past our conscious minds.   We laugh mindlessly at the surprise element of the ‘jokes‘ while the content slips into our subconscious and slowly we begin to see them as acceptable.

You may find it hard to believe that paedophilia and sexualised children would, by this method of drip fed familiarity, become acceptable, but fifty years ago homosexuality was just as unacceptable, in fact it is still punishable by death in several countries.   The media and popular culture is constantly and relentlessly drip feeding these ideas into our psyche and often passes them off as humour or progressive thinking:

Why would Gervais stoop so low as to push these satanic ideas on us?   I doubt he has any choice in the matter.

I believe that like every other film star, tv personality, pop star or public figure, he sold his soul to attain the money and fame he now enjoys and which he will continue to enjoy as long as he does what he is told. That was what I saw in his eyes for that split second.

We, in this society have been led to believe that celebrity, fame, money and power are the crowning achievements of the human experience, but these attributes are all artificial and under strict control of the ruling elite and their minions, if they wish to grant someone fame, fortune and celebrity, that person need not be notable in any way whatsoever, but provide them with the right clothing from the prestigeous outlets they own, have them appear in the right magazines that they publish, and appear repeatedly on the television networks that they control and voila, instant celebrity.

So this is why a mediocre comedian can suddenly be lavished with serious amounts of money, media attention and way more than his fair share of Hollywood movies, what you are seeing is someone who has sold his soul for fame and riches, things that can be provided on cue by the owners of mainstream media, but not only he does he have to pay the piper and do what he is told, he would have had to compromise himself with some unspeakable act or other so that he could be removed at a moment‘s notice, should he incurr the displeasure of his corporate masters.

It‘s not just Jimmy Saville, it‘s all of them!

There is an interview by another mediocre comedian in America called Dave Chappelle who suddenly and inexplicably was catapulted into fame and riches.   He received an unprecedented $50,000,000 TV deal but then walked away from it and disappeared. In the interview he basically blows the whistle on how the ‘fame‘ business works.

Dave Chappelle Blows the Whistle on the ‘Fame‘ game

Along similar lines, take a close look at Eminem‘s story, he is one who tried to get out of the business of pushing dark, evil music on a susceptible youth, he was demonised and punished until he gave in and is now back with the program. (with a vengeance too).   Don‘t make the mistake of believing that all this stuff happens by accident, there is a reason why the elite acquired control of media and you can be sure that nothing appears in the public consciousness through their outlets that they do not approve of.

The world hasn‘t ‘gone wrong‘, it is being actively steered toward making the obscene and unthinkable, commonplace and acceptable, by psychopathic elites and tacitly supported by the rampant apathy and incredulity of the sheeple.   This change isn‘t being made to enlighten us, or make us better people, it is simply to destroy the strongest, most self sufficient bond that man has ever had... the family. Without the strength and stability of the extended family we are alone and dependant on the state, which is exactly what they want.
Look around you, it seems to be working doesn‘t it? Do you think your life is better or worse for it?

Be aware of what is happening, help others to become aware of it, as once you become aware of it, the spell is broken and it loses its power over you, lift up your voice and say "I DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS!", do not shrink back in cowardice, you will only regret it as I do.

And yes, I paid too high a price for the tickets... but then, 15p would have been far too much.