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The Big 'C', Created and Maintained by Even Bigger C's

By Dave Murphy Friday, Jul 28, 2017
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While working on my website, I started listening to one of my old Awake Radio podcasts from 2012 and it gave me the last piece of the puzzle of how Cancer works.

I couldn't believe how thick I must have been to have missed this when I was intensively researching cancer five years ago.   The three pieces of the puzzle I had thus far was based on the research of three pioneering doctors.

In 1902, Dr. John Beard discovered that cancer cells are identical to the cells that start multiplying wildly to form the womb wall when a woman becomes pregnant, called 'Trophoblasts' and as such his theories are known as the Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer'.

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In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovering that cancer requires an acidic body chemistry to thrive. An acidic body prevents cells from up-taking Oxygen so in effect they start to suffocate and so they switch to fermenting blood sugars in order to survive.

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In 1950 Dr Ernst T Krebs discovered that Estrogen plays a part in the process of forming cancers, that when the body is damaged in some way, a massive amount of Estrogen is directed to the site of damage as part of the healing process and somehow the Estrogen triggers stem cells to behave as though they are in the wall of the Uterus and start multiplying rapidly.

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The oxygen requirements of these rapidly mulpiplying cells are high and, in an acidic body, they form a link to the nearest blood supply to keep from suffocating.   The body realises that something has gone wrong and attempts to seal off these out of control cells by surrounding them with a thick wall of healthy cells, and this is a tumour.

I was listening to my "Cancer of the Mind" podcast where I had just played part of a talk from Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D and I noted that some of my remarks were not quite right and then it suddenly dawned on me what Dr. Lipton had actually said.   He said that this electro-magnetic radiation soup, that we are all swimming in, throws the body out of alignment but ONLY if you are under STRESS.
When you are under stress then electromagnetic radiation ALTERS HORMONES, ESPECIALLY ESTROGEN.

So there you have the entire mechanism, designed for maximum plausible deniability.

They take control of our food so that the standard diet forces our bodies to become acidic (the whitecoats call it Acidosis)

Foods to die for.

So when we injure ourselves, say by smoking their cancer sticks, or drinking their fluoride, eating their poisonous food or by being irradiated by their celltowers, wifi, microwave ovens etc. then our body goes into repair mode as normal but if you are watching their Hypno-box, reading their newspapers or otherwise consuming their media then you are under low (these days, increasing) levels of stress which allows the Electro-smog to alter the Estrogen to trigger the stem cells to act out of place and become what the white-coated butchers and poisoners call cancer.

The media arm of this criminal cartel whip up a dread fear about cancer such that should one receive a cancer diagnosis from a kindly faced, white-coated butcher and poisoner, that fear will drive the victim toward their cancer 'treatments' which all have a 96% success rate of killing the patient

It's the perfect multi-part, remotely triggered, biological weapon.   The friends and family regard the murder as the natural course of events for one with a 'deadly disease', the murderers-with-medical-certificates can console themselves with the illusion that they did the best they could but at least they got rid of the tumours, and their elite masters can add the deceased to the 7.6 million people who die of fear and ignorance every year as part of their depopulation agenda.

If I can work this out, a stupid nobody from Basildon, don't you think that these fucking (sorry Mum) Cancer Doctors, Cancer Research teams, Pharmaceutical companies and all the others making a tidy living out of our deaths, know this too?

So the answer is simple:

  • Eat fresh, organic, fruit and leafy green salads (preferable that which you have grown yourself)
  • Drink distilled water
  • Minimise your exposure to their radiation sources, microwaves, wifi, cellphones, cordless phones etc. (as much as you can)
  • Turn off the Tell-lie-vision and get rid of it (It's spying on you anyway)
  • Stop blindly consuming their media, newspapers, radio, horror films and even video games.

Forget Chemotherapy take Veggotherapy

In the US it's now a staggering 50% of people who can expect to get cancer, if you live in America, look at the person nearest to you, it's either you or them that will get cancer!   In the UK its one in three.

This is how you avoid becoming a statistic, another victim of this satanic depopulation agenda.   Now that you know how it works, pass it on... (especially to that person next to you).