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The world is a very different place than that which you have been told about, and you are not who you think you are either. Everything that you have been taught to believe in as true turns out to be a lie and the biggest lie of them all, is who you really are.

The lies and indoctrination began early, when you were too young to discern between truth and lie, at state schools where the programming is hammered home with repetition and pressure to faithfully regurgitate the state approved correct answers on homework and exams. The fraudulent view of reality is cemented into place with the use of technological witchcraft, an insidious machine that uses dancing lights and sound to simultaneously hypnotise you into a stupor and feed you an alternate version of reality so that you accept it as real.

There will be some who would consider the words herein as ‘Hate Speech’, however, the truth is never hate speech, it might be considered unflattering to a certain portion of the population but the truth is the truth and quite often, those who are crying ‘Hate Speech’ only portray themselves as victims to draw attention away from the real victims.

Black History Topics

The True Identity of Negroes

The identity of the peoples of the world have been hidden and obscured with artificial divisions of skin colour, religion and geography. Despite everything we have been taught and everything we think you we about negroes, they are NOT descendants of Africans.  They are very different to Africans.

The dictionary definition of Negro, shown above, employs the deceptive ‘word magic’ that is used by their enemies to hide the truth in plain sight. They are described as members of the dominant group of mankind in Africa, which is to say, examples of the dominant group of mankind who happen to be in Africa rather than, as would be generally assumed, the dominant group in Africa alone. The definition of adjective ‘Negroid’ further refines the designation to the people south of the Sahara desert.

Africans have a very different skull shape and skeletal structure, and unlike you, Africans cannot grow hair in the same way that they can, their men cannot grow beards, their women cannot grow afros, they are also very different in the way they move, act and think, and they negroes you just as much as all the other nations of people.   Africans are the descendants of Noah’s son Ham in the Book of Remembrance (The so-called Old Testament) which tells that they were given the hot regions of the then known earth, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia and the land of Canaan (Israel/Palestine today).

The negro descendants of the hebrew Israelites are the descendants of Shem, whose children were allotted the temperate regions (not too hot and not too cold) and who were later promised and inhabited the land of Canaan.

They are the true Semites and part of the nation of clever, industrious people that have been persecuted, enslaved and forced to use their talents to build the civilisations of others.  They are the people chosen by the Most High Creator of the Universe as his special people, for whom the whole earth was created. They are not poor ape-descended inferiors, who are only able to survive in the ‘civilised’ world by the beneficence of white superiors, they are the source of civilisation, theirs are the inventions that other nations exploit and take credit for, it is their culture that others disparage and ridicule yet copy and call their own, theirs are the features that other nations scorn yet lie out under a sun that is often dangerous to them, and get expensive plastic surgery to emulate.

They are what this world is all about, and right at this very moment there are a people who are posing as them, in the land that was promised to them and enjoying the advantages and benefits of pretending to be them.

These so-called Jews have no relation to the biblical Israelites, at no time in the past did they live in the land known today as Israel and their behaviour and history does not match that of the Children of Israel. These are the “Serpent People” from the ancient land of Khazaria, who converted to a religion which they called Judaism (a mix of Talmudism and Paganism) and in the guise of Israelites they have usurped the land promised to your fathers and receive billions from people around the world who believe they will be blessed for blessing them.   Those who speak against these deceivers are labelled as Anti-Semitic even though they themselves are not semites and are guilty more than any other people of anti-semitic behaviour against the true semites.

The Negro Homeland

The ancestors of the so-called African Americans, Caribbeans and Afro-Caribbeans were the biblical Israelites, the children of Jacob who trace their lineage through Isaac and Abraham all the way back to Adam. Your history is the most well-known of all.

Your ancestors lived in the land of Canaan, which is currently known as Israel/Palestine in the region known as the ‘Middle East’ though it has never been defined what it is in the middle of, or to the east of.

Before the Egyptian captivity, Zarah, the second son of Judah, and his children, left their brethren and set out with a group of Danites to explore the world. Some would be the first to push further into the wilderness of the African continent, as can be seen in the eighteenth century map below, what we know as the Sahara Desert is actually the Kingdom of Sarra (Zarah) or the Desert.

Darda, the grandson of Zarah, travelled through southern Turkey to a region now called the Dardanelles, and his children founded the famed city of Troy. Other branches of this royal bloodline went on to populate Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Scotland.

In 70 AD., the Romans attacked Jerusalem and about a million black Hebrew Israelites escaped into the African Continent, to hide among the similar looking Africans. The Africans did not welcome the refugees, so the Israelites moved across the top of the Sahara and then down into the wilderness of western and southern African. These were the people who were sold into slavery by the Africans and Arabs to the Europeans and taken to the Americas, however, there were Israelites already in North America, and these Aboriginal Americans were in fact Hebrews who had been trading with their brethren in Jerusalem since the days of Solomon. Other ‘slaves’ were transported to the Americas and the West Indies from the black inhabitants of Europe, Ireland, Scotland and England. Documentary evidence of this unspoken truth is sparse due to intentional suppression, any visual evidence that the black man was anything other than a slave or a savage was destroyed or whitewashed, however, since slaves were not permitted to read, several important writings have survived which reveal the truth of the matter, such as this 1751 essay by Benjamin Franklin:

According to Franklin, in 1751 there were very few white people in the world, and he was concerned over the huge numbers of Negroes arriving from Europe. It becomes obvious that African-Americans are not African at all, but descendants of the Hebrew Israelites who had settled in Sub-Saharan Africa, Britain and Europe.

True Black History

The Real White People

People are looking for the alien invasion, well it already happened a long time ago, these things were like the things in the film Alien, they were vaguely human shaped with long pointed skulls (you can see them in ancient Egyptian paintings, and the skulls found around the world) and they were violent, evil and vicious and their only way of propagating was by 'mixing' with the human population at first by warfare and rape. (later as they began to look more and more human like and took rulership positions some accepted them as humans) Most of the old testament is about the long running battle between humans and the invaders, and the invaders were winning until about 4000 years ago, the Most High stepped in and destroyed everyone but the last 5 humans and 3 hybrid women, it took about 1500 years for this alien DNA to almost completely corrupt the whole world, but this time, on the other side of the flood its taken much longer for this DNA to fully express it self and take control again, and that happened around 500 years ago when they finally assumed control (they called it the renaissance, the rebirth of their control) and they set about dumbing down humanity so we forget what they are and instead of us fighting them, we live with them, marry them have children with them to the point where we are back to the days of Noah were almost everyone is corrupted by this bloodline, who still carry the ancestral hatred of humans, that is why the water is poisoned, so too is the food, the air, everything... its all to get rid of humanity

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