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Hi, I'm known as Allegedly Dave and I am just an ordinary bloke from Basildon in Essex who has had some pretty extraordinary things happen to him.
I experienced a mid-life crisis in 2005 and began a journey of self discovery culminating in a realisation that in order for any of this madness to change, I had to "Be the change that I wanted to see" and to me, that meant turning away from the system that is enslaving us, taking back responsibility for all aspects of my life, help my fellow man and hopefully inspire others by example. » Show More

So, I gave away my possessions, gave up working to help construct the means to our own slavery and ultimate destruction, gave up living in a house, gave up contributing to the slaughter of innocents abroad, gave up the "benefits" of the system, and now I travel around helping people and on the way discovering and sharing my findings about who we are, what we are capable of and how our universe works.

Everything I do, I do with no thought of reward, everything I discover or invent will be shared free of charge, everything on this site, everything I have to give, including my time, skills and assistance is offered freely to anyone who needs them.
Now, I'm not trying to be a saint, I am just hoping that those that I help will be more inclined to help others in the same way and start an exponential shift away from this competition based society.

That being said, the astute among you would have noticed the "Donate" menu option.
While I do not seek financial or material gain, I do have to concede that, in order to continue helping people and complete various projects, I will need some help myself, whether it is money, building materials, electronic components, the occasional train ticket or even just a kind word of support, whatever it may be, any and all donations are appreciated and gratefully accepted. « Show Less

If you would like help with any aspect of your life, whether it is to do with serious health issues, money, debt or legal problems, or you need advice, life coaching or you just need a friend please do not hesitate to contact me.

I care, and I am here to help!

Allegedly News

Psst The Earth is Flat!

By Dave Starbuck 01 August 2017
Yes, yes it is, but then, you already knew that... You have already stood on a beach and seen the perfectly flat horizon. Your keen senses have told you that you're not spinning at 1000 miles an hour or hurtling around the sun at 66,600 mph while being dragged by it at 400,000 mph.   You've seen the sun's rays coming down at angles and subconsciously you know that the Sun cannot be that far away, just as the Moon cannot be when it lights up the clouds around it but not those further away.

So let's look at some undeniable proofs that you have been lied to and why.

Allegedly Books

The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual

By Dave Starbuck 12 October 2014
Ever wonder why so many of us are sick these days despite the medical establishment's purported advancements? Ever wonder how some people never get sick and seem to sail through life?

The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual will show how the truths that we have built our belief systems around may well be an incorrect interpretation of the phenomena that we observe around us, and provides a radically different, more empowering interpretation that places our health and control of our lives firmly back in our hands.    This book provides a holistic view of the mind and its direct connection to the body and the greater universe...

Black Man: Do you know who you are?

By Allegedly Dave 04 July 2017
As a so-called African American or Afro-Caribbean, have you ever wondered why you have no history before the Transatlantic Slave Trade? Why do you have no homeland you can point to or language of your own? Why is it that you and those who look like you inhabit the lowest social strata all across the world?

This 24 page booklet exposes the unexpected and shocking answers to these and other questions regarding your identity, your purpose and your real relationship with the Creator of all that is.    You are not who you think you are! You are more powerful and capable than you can imagine and you have a destiny that the world is waiting for you to step up to.

Latest Video

Jesus Exposed

By Allegedly Dave - 08 Nov 2018
Jesus Exposed
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