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The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual

The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual is an invaluable guide to viewing the human body, life, the universe and everything from a radically different yet empowering perspective.

This book exposes the commonly held myths of medicine, nutrition and disease, revealing them to be merely theories taken as truth based on a biased interpretation of observations, driven by profit margins rather than patient wellbeing. The reader will learn to listen to the body's messages, respond correctly to its warnings with actions that are in harmony with it and allow it to heal without hinderance, and make healthful changes by re-programming the mind to prevent re-occurrance. Equipped with this book, the reader will learn the skills necessary to maintain the human body in excellent condition far beyond its "expected" lifetime.

Step by step, the author connects the dots that lead to the conclusion that there are no separate diseases, just different manifestations of "bad health" and proposes three powerful techniques that are so natural, simple and freely available that we scarcely fathom their true worth in allowing the body to restore itself to "good health"

The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual also provides handy reference guides to deal with accidents, mishaps and so-called “symptoms of disease” as well as testimonials from real, contactable people (including the author) who have experienced the benefits of this approach.

As well as the physical apects of life, health and wellbeing, The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual also delves into the spiritual and philosopical, teaching the reader that we are immensely powerful, spiritual beings, one with all that is, operating an amazing, self repairing “Earth Rover”, capable of creating and shaping the physical reality it inhabits, and concludes that life is not a serious endeavour, it's an adventure game, and if we learn its rules, learn to flow with it rather than fight it then we can get the best possible experience of this amazing game.

The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual by Allegedly K. A. Dave (Paperback) is available from LULU.COM and is also available as an e-book.

The Human Body Workshop


The book covers pretty much everything - EXCELLENT BOOK - a must read!

Dave is a great promoter of the innate infinite human potential and he practices everything he preaches, from urine therapy to a self sustained & thriving existence! He is in his fifties and looks like a young man in his 30's.

The book shares so much wisdom and has a very high vibration, that will ignite your soul's fire to kick start the necessary changes in you and in your life to fully get back in touch with that unlimited power within... and unfold your infinite potential... rise high up to the highest levels of existence! ' Dave is a warrior of the truth... imagine the brains of Tesla, Gregg Braden and David Icke & Wilcock put together, but in a pure body (without the "agents" or "parasites" and toxins), which vibrates close to a pranic state and cycles its own perfect water. He not only uncovers all the lies and deceptions of this world, showing the truth with facts in this book, but he also gives practical SOLUTIONS and methods anyone can put in practice to actually experience this truth for themselves... waking up and lighting up their bodies, brains & hearts to be their healthy, happy and unlimited thriving version of themselves... real human beings. ' He is a great example of that himself! I am very happy to recommend this book and I think it's one of those books that really does change people's lives.

I give it not five, but TEN GOLDEN STARS!! **********

Amazon Customer - 25/04/2016

Fantastic book! I've been a wellness practitioner and alternative health researcher for over 13 years. This book is thorough yet easy-to-understand, and the author pulls a lot of information together that validates some of my own personal research, but conveys it clear for the layman yet comprehensive for the medical researcher. I'm not quite finished reading it but have already adopted key components of the programme and am experiencing what seems to be miraculous results! It's a bit early to say too much but I plan to circle back on this Review after I've had more time on this programme. But so far so GREAT!

Jenna - 08/01/2016

What an excellent read! I breezed through this book as the information contained was presented in such an easy-to-digest fashion. Already hip to urine therapy and distilled water, I was happy to find even more affirmation as to why I practice these therapies, along with additional information on fasting and proper human diet eating plans. I really loved the mashup of Louise Hay’s affirmations and urine therapy. I have used that “Heal your Body” book for years and believe this is a powerful combination, matching up the emotional and physical.

This is a book I will re-read over the years, I can already tell. All the information contained needs to get out to the masses. It is so simple, yet so profound. We do truly have the power to change our lives, and the remedies/therapies mentioned here can do so much to improve the health and well-being of everyone on this Earth.

Thanks for providing such insight and inspiration, Dave!

Vanessa Cook - 15/10/2015

The Human Body, Owner's Workshop Manual by Allegedly K A Dave is a huge leap towards the real truth about the human body and how best to keep it in perfect running condition. It connected a few dots for me that have long awaited being connected and is a real life changer. Loved it. Bravo Dave for this courageous and ground breaking piece of work.

Daniel Brooks - 12/10/2015

I have just finished reading Allegedly K. A. Dave's The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual. It is written in a friendly and forthright style which nearly everyone would find accessible.

Much of the information contained in the book seems quite radical and revolutionary, but contains such obvious and undeniable truth so as to make this an indispensable addition to one's collection of health-related books. One of the main lessons of the book is the priceless knowledge that only the body can heal the body and much of what are widely believed to be remedies actually impede the body's ability to repair. This book is excellent and bears a small price for a wealth of priceless, yet concise and useful information.

Craig W. - 04/10/2015

I have tried pretty much every therapy possible with little or no success.    The Human Body Owners Manual is an inspiring and thought provoking book. Since suffering a series of set-backs with my health that are too many to list, I have tried pretty much every therapy possible with little or no success. Now with the help of this book I am finally seeing results and I am delighted. Highly recommended for anyone who is on a quest for super healing or simply better health.

Tommy1732 - 25/09/2015

I really enjoyed reading this book, and found it mind blowing. The whole idea of humans not actually being designed to eat and drink in the first place is strangely appealing to me. I've never had a great relationship with food. So to read about these things was inspirational I must admit. I liked the semi-casual manner this presented the details too, it made it easy to read and digest. After some recommendations by the author I'm continuing on a very interesting journey of discoveries!

Paul Terry - 29/07/2015

I wanted to share my excitement and further curiosity about this book being about 20 pages into it...

It has already magically opened my eyes to instead of plain seeing the world that surrounds me to actually seeing through what's all around me with amazing personal realizations explaining some of my instinctive awareness that I could previously never quite understand and therefore trust. Excited to continue reading it :))))

Miriam Schaefer

Well, I just finished reading this terrific book. I just could not stop for the night to go to bed. I loved it and am going to read it again.

Thank you so much to Allegedly Known As Dave, Chey Thomas, Anna Hilde Smith, and all other the beautiful souls who shared a piece of their personal journey in this intelligent, insightful and truthful account of what we can become when we follow our inner guidance and prove to ourselves that Urine Therapy works.

That what we think, say and feel creates the world in which we live. That there is a better way. There are so many people who can benefit from this knowledge, and I am very glad to have yet another wonderful resource and reference guide as a tool to assist in sharing this knowledge with those among the masses who are searching for answers about what is really going on with their bodies and the environment that surrounds them. They eventually will come face to face with the fact that what we are taught by a seemingly intelligent society and and loving, well-meaning parents should not add up to an increasingly intelligent population that is getting sicker and sicker, and that the billions upon billions of dollars spent on cancer and all kinds of other research, more advanced pharmaceuticals, high-tech surgeries.... that are supposed to heal the people of a growing number of new and complex illnesses ... amounts to ... well ... nothing. And that all we really need for complete healing of ourselves and our loved ones, and in the much grander scheme of things ... if we allow our intuition and our hearts to speak and be heard ... the healing of our society and even our planet... costs ... well ... nothing. Read this book and then apply the knowledge to find out for yourself. In the process you will discover just how powerful and capable you truly are.

Lorri A. Wolf


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