Giving the Great Shift a Little Nudge

Healing the Body

The important thing to know about healing your body is that there is only one thing on Earth that can heal the human body. It's not a pharmaceutical drug, nor is it a potion, a mineral, a herb, a tincture of powdered raindeer antler, lizard's beard or eye of newt.

It is, and can only ever be the human body itself.

Your body is an infinitely intelligent community of 50 trillion cells, that is capable of completely renewing itself every 7 years, it knows how to cure itself of every so-called disease and affliction that the medical community can make up, as long as we step out of our own way and allow it to do so.

I am not a doctor (nor would I wish to be one) and the therapies and practices are not medicinal in nature, but rather natural, age old practices that have lost or suppressed, along with the reasons for their use.

Bodycentric Healing

Nutritional Ascension


Distilled Water

Urine Therapy

Mindset Re-adjustment